fruitas lester yu

5 Business Lessons Everyone Can Learn Fruitas Holdings Founder Lester Yu

Lester Yu was only 24 years old when he resigned from his job as a local bank branch manager to pursue his dream of launching his own business startup. Yu ...
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Retail Strategies

Retail Strategies Used by Zalora Philippines to Overcome E-commerce Challenges

The growth of e-commerce in the Philippines in the last five years has revolutionized the way retailers do business. Consumers can now buy and sell almost anything online anytime with ...
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5 Management Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn from the Founder of Punongbayan & Araullo

It is never too late or too old to start up a business when there is desire and determination to succeed. Benjamin Punongbayan was already 50 years old when he ...
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Retail Lessons Every Startup Can Learn from the Co-Founder of Lazada

Inanc Balci was working in an investment bank in London doing mergers and acquisition deals for technology companies when he received an email from one of the founders of Rocket ...
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5 Recipes to Succeed in the Restaurant Business from the Founder of Sentro 1771

Ricky Gutierrez initially wanted to take up Master in Business Administration when he was 24 years old to prepare himself for business. But he later changed his mind, thinking that ...
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How an HR Employee-Turned-First Time Entrepreneur Grew Citrus Zone Into Fast Growing Lemonade Chain in PH

When Don Cenita thought of putting up a lemonade startup, he only wanted to do it as a diversion from his usual eight-to-five office work. Cenita, who had successful human ...
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ron hose

Startup Lessons from Founder Ron Hose

Ron Hose is not your typical serial entrepreneur. He does only one thing at a time. When he puts up a startup, he focuses on growing the business as big ...
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euclid cezar

Developing Your business mindset from Famous Belgian Waffles Founder, Euclid Cezar

Someone once said that in order to succeed in business, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Euclid Cezar has once lost all his life ...
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ben liuson

5 Business Lessons from The Generics Pharmacy Founder Ben Liuson

Success in business has no age limit. If you have the right mindset and commitment to follow through, no matter how many times you failed in business, you are never ...
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Dennis Uy

5 Business Secrets from Phoenix Petroleum Founder Dennis Uy

When the Oil Deregulation Law was implemented in 1998, there were only three major oil companies dominating the market. Dennis Uy, who was only 29 years old at that time, ...
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