Why Should You Have An Exit Strategy Now

Question: I have ventured into startup food business this year and it is doing well that we are already planning to expand in multiple locations by year end. This is ...
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How To Divide Business Shares Among Your Children

Question: I have a thriving food manufacturing business that I want to leave behind to my five kids. The eldest is 25 years old, the youngest 10. Should I give ...
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6 Strategies Every Startup Must Do To Increase Business Value

Question: My business has been operating for a year now and it is doing well. I have always wanted to retire someday. I could sell my business at a good ...
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7 Budget Planning Tips Every Startup Should Know

Question: Our startup only began operating this year. As the year end is fast approaching, we thought that it will be a good idea to start reviewing our operations and ...
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Choosing Between a Bank or Family Loan

Q: I am a new entrepreneur and I’ve been getting negative feedback from banks that refuse to lend me money for my business unless I had a track record. Would ...
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should you pay interns

Should I Pay My Company’s Interns?

Q: My company is just starting in the business. I hired some interns from a university to help me out. Although they don’t ask for a salary, as they are ...
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