Stave Off Bankruptcy

Are you struggling with your cash flow? Has your bank refused to lend you any more money? Are your partners or shareholders no longer willing to infuse fresh capital into ...
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How to Turn a Business Around

Q: My wife and I put up a catering business, using her family’s recipes of traditional Filipino dishes. We used our savings and my monthly salary to buy the equipment, ...
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Is My Business in Financial Trouble?

Q: My business has not been doing well lately. Though I am hopeful that it will recover soon, I am anxious that I have to do something now to avoid any ...
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What You Need to Know About Borrowing Money for Your Start-Up

Are you setting up a new business? Or are you planning to expand your current business? Either way, you are likely to face some difficulties obtaining capital to finance it, ...
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Your Cash Flow: The Winning Strategy

A successful entrepreneur with a good business concept may consistently register record sales and profits, but he or she can go bankrupt because of cash flow problems. Indeed, managing cash ...
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How to Choose the Right Bank for Your Business

As a business owner, setting up a bank account is one of the first things you need to do when starting a new venture. Good accounting practice dictates that you ...
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Go Into Business or Invest In Mutual Fund?

First of all, before you start considering putting your money into business, make sure that you have enough savings for your emergency use. As a rule, your savings must be ...
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6 Ways To Avoid The Overspending Trap

Putting up a new business can be so demanding and stressful that even rational people can sometimes fall into the overspending trap. In your enthusiasm to make your business succeed, ...
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When To Consider Customer Credit To Boost Sales

The use of credit cards and other automated payment systems that allow the customer to conveniently make purchases on credit makes it much easier to sell your goods and services ...
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10 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid

All businesses, whether sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations, must pay attention to bookkeeping because it is an indicator of a company’s financial health and profitability. Bookkeeping errors could spell doom, ...
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