How To Stop Fraud In Your Retail Biz

Q: I run a small secondhand bookstore, and I want to have a chain with outlets in several cities, hopefully in three years’ time. I let my employees receive, classify ...
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Accounting basics to get you started

Accounting Basics to Get you Started

An accounting system consists of the methods and records that identify your transactions and provides a basis for accounting for your assets. It is vital to managing your business. In ...
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How To Keep A Tab On Your Spending

Putting up a new business can be so demanding and stressful that even rational people can sometimes fall into the overspending trap. In your enthusiasm to make your business succeed, ...
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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Business

Many successful entrepreneurs are described as people who started their business from nothing and grew it to what it is now. Indeed, it takes time—normally several years as the entrepreneur ...
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Budgeting Expansion

Q: I recently started a next-day delivery service using two bike messengers with minimum capital (P100,000) since I thought I could just roll over the funds I earn from the ...
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Starting a Business With Little Financing

Are you looking to finance a new business but don’t know where to source the capital, because either banks would not lend you money for lack of marketable collateral or ...
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