5 Ways To Build A Successful Business With Zero Cash

Question: I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I don’t have the capital to start up a business. Should I delay my business plans until I have saved ...
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The 10 Commandments of Starting a Business

Question: I am planning to put up a food business with my college friends. This is our first time to go into business. Do you have any advice on things ...
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How Much is My Time Worth?

Question: In business, time is money. But I don’t know how much my own time is worth. If I am asked to do a job at an hourly rate, how ...
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How Do I Manage Inventory?

Question: I am a small, start-up business owner—I recently started a neighborhood convenience store, which I plan to expand by the end of the year. I do my own bookkeeping ...
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Stopping Fraud In Its Tracks

A starting entrepreneur normally operates the business by himself, with perhaps some relatives helping out. But as the company grows, he slowly realizes the need to hire outsiders. When this ...
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The 3 Common Mistakes Every Startup Business Must Avoid

Questions: I have recently retired from the corporate world and was planning to start a small business. Hopefully, the income from the business can help supplement my current income from ...
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