6 Ways To Avoid The Overspending Trap

Putting up a new business can be so demanding and stressful that even rational people can sometimes fall into the overspending trap. In your enthusiasm to make your business succeed, ...
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When To Consider Customer Credit To Boost Sales

The use of credit cards and other automated payment systems that allow the customer to conveniently make purchases on credit makes it much easier to sell your goods and services ...
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10 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid

All businesses, whether sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations, must pay attention to bookkeeping because it is an indicator of a company’s financial health and profitability. Bookkeeping errors could spell doom, ...
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Find The Right Consultant For Your Business

In business, you may encounter problematic situations where you would need help from outsiders to provide you an effective solution. Do you feel that your business could perform better but ...
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Things To Remember Before Borrowing From Relatives And Friends

Question: I’m borrowing money from my sister-in-law to increase my capital. What’s a fair interest rate when I repay my loan, which at the same time will not be too ...
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Do You Need To Adjust The Annual Budget For Your Business?

Financial expert Henry Ong tells us that sometimes, there is a need to adjust our annual budget to expand our market. Question: When business is booming, is it prudent to ...
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